Monday, February 16, 2015

Chicken Beach

Beached coconuts
Lay in the sand
Surf touches toes
Pelicans glide in formation
Tuba de Fresca today?
Si! Okay!
Where's the cheese guy?
Vendors descend
Beads, hammocks, some silver?
My guacamole smiles
With a shrimp winking eye
Dos Mas! Again!
How long can a day at the beach be?
Forever, again and again...

— Liz Parkin

People familiar with the Costalegre region of Mexico are familiar with the term Chicken Beach. While the waves of the Pacific Ocean are known to crash violently in Barra de Navidad — thereby inhibiting swimming for the faint of heart — the sheltered portion of the bay around Melaque is better suited to the weaker swimmer and those in search of a ten peso beer.

Liz Parkin, the author of Chicken Beach is a mother and grandmother extraordinaire. She is also an artist, writer, activist/shit-disturber, peacemaker, community volunteer, friend, dancer, survivor of domestic assault, Amazon warrior and fearless with the help of her friends.

She writes poetry and paints acrylics of and in Barra de Navidad, Jalisco as well as the Lower Mainland of British Columbia, Canada. We thank Liz for her poem and look forward to seeing more of her poetry online at Bar None Group in the coming months.

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