Saturday, January 24, 2015

Patrice Bergeron: Beat Poet and Big Bad Bruin

With the NHL All-Star game being played this weekend we are reminded of a commercial for EA Sports NHL 15 video game that has Boston Bruins star Patrice Bergeron reciting a beat-themed hockey poem.

The poem, Feelings, is set in a dark cafe. Bergeron makes his way to the stage in full hockey uniform. He begins to recite the poem as a bass line keeps time. Images of NHL 15 flash on a screen behind the moonlighting all-star.


I wrote this for my love...

When I press play,
my feelings can’t be denied.

The puck flies by
and the sparkle in my eye
goes on high...high... beams,
and all my shinny hockey dreams
go racing

Like the warm breeze
or gentle touch
you rock my soul
it's all too much.

NHL 15 is my new endeavor
Hold my calls,
for like,

The tongue-in-cheek poem and video concludes with a smattering of finger snaps while the unseen emcee exhorts the crowd to give it up for the former Stanley Cup and Selke Award winner.

Patrice Bergeron is once again an All-Star. He will suit up for Team Toews at the game Sunday, January 24 in Columbus, Ohio.

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