Tuesday, October 14, 2014

The Chapbook — Pangea

We, in bed,
are an early Earth;
the Africa of me
is fitted to
the Americas of you.

Your hair
flows unerring
through the crook of my arm
and the river of it parts,
as was meant,
at my fingers.

Nutmeg wafts
not across a dividing sea,
but fresh from lips
to waiting mouth.

Just below your eyebrows,
two lights guide my mariner soul,
that aglow,
travels back
to your same sky.

We match only we,
and your face
will not look distantly for mine
nor lose my hand’s geography.

— Charles Bane, Jr.

Pangea, like the lovers connected in Charles poem, refers to a time more than 100 million years ago when all continents were connected into a super-continent that has come to be known as Pangea. This marks the fourth installment of the serialization of Charles Bane Jr.'s 2011 volume of poetry The Chapbook (Curbside Splendor). Join us on this year-long journey as we share and explore Charles' passion — his poetry — with you, our readers, on alternate Tuesdays.

Charles is also the author of Love Poems (Kelsay Books, 2014). His work has been described in the Huffington Post as "not only standing on the shoulders of giants, but shrinking them."  He created the Meaning of Poetry series for The Gutenberg Project and is a current nominee as Poet Laureate of Florida. A new collection of poetry, The Ends Of The Earth is currently taking shape.

We thank Charles for his continuing contributions.

IMAGE CREDIT: Original artwork "Planet 11" ©Christopher Rodrigues. Artwork is available for purchase by contacting the artist through his website.

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