Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Pictures of You

The first poem I wrote you
was just etched in my memory
depending on the circumstance
or wherever I was, thinking of you.

It was then transcribed
on the back of a napkin
where it changed some more.

From there,
it made its way
into a notebook
and changed a little bit more.

Some time later,
I'd bang out my thoughts on a laptop
and you'd change ever so much more

In time,
I would print out your poem
and edit anew
a remembrance of love.

By the time
that you read this poem
It will have grown and changed and matured
and should be as comfortable on you
as it has been in my heart.

There might come a time
after we've grown apart
When I'll remember these lines
And adjust and adjust and adjust anew
A comma here, a stricken word there.

Framing you now unlike before
as you still live in a heart
that shares these few words
with the closest of my very dear friends.

— Mark Butkus


  1. This is really beautiful. I like the metaphor.

  2. mmm...i like how you use the context of the poem to talk about the changes in the relationship...i wonder if i would. or just appreciate it for what it was....

  3. Nice melding of the creative process & a relationship, & ah yes, love, the starkest & most passionate of Muses--though death stands in line right behind it. I like the concept that a poem can be worn, become attire--then perhaps shed, set aside; nice one, other Butkus.

  4. a poem is always a snapshot of the moment with all the emotions and the feel of now... i think i could never change the old ones but rather start a new one from scratch

  5. I don't know if I could keep updating the same poem... though, that seems much healthier. I guess that would be my way of holding onto things...

  6. Interesting take on the prompt indeed. I think I would rather keep the original version & then write a second and a third and fourth poem rather than to keep changing a poem to capture the same person. I don't think any of us can really be captured completely in just one poem, written one particular day of one particular year. I also agree with Claudia about not changing an old poem but writing a new one each time one had a different feeling.

  7. A poem of love like that will constantly evolve.. I like the way you work it to perfection.. just like love should be.

  8. A beautiful love poem. Sounds as if there is only one for you.

  9. Amazing how love and poetry can grow a heart stronger and firmer to stand against the winds of challenge..

    a heart can grow so strong.. that no negativity can kill a heart so strong..

    the evolution of poetry like all other art is the evolution of heart.. and without the Internet and attention spans so low by the electronic dopamine generating activities of today..

    Poetry can easily die a book on shelves.. but in the electronic way.. it flies across the globe.. and is picked up by random google searches... @least!

    the seeds of love are dispersed in so many energy efficient ways.. that perhaps instead of a singularity of computer technology... eventually a singularity of heart truly my occur...

    There are no 18 month limits for the doubling of heart.. instead of computer horsepower ways...

    Heart potential is endless.. it's not the percentage of intelligence humans are lacking in.. in standard IQ ways.. it is the percentage of heart that is heartfelt ways!

    YES..that poetry.. as one art does grow.. and grow... and grow.. and no telling where Love will go.. after all is art felt in poetry! and other arts.. of heart growing way!

  10. I like this...and would do the same thing, hone it over time...perhaps never give it to him/her, but it would be the best of me and a gift with no expectations..

  11. Love evolving with words...very nice. :)