Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Just a Date with Chicago Slam Poet Eric Sirota

Chicago slam poet extraordinaire Eric "MC Rota" Sirota is co-headlining the Words That Kill open mic and variety showcase at Multikulti tomorrow night, Thursday October 2, 2014.

Hosted by the Lethal Poetry Collective the monthly slams are an opportunity for Chicago area poets, musicians, storytellers, rappers and comics to flex their creative muscles in front of an enthusiastic audience.

Eric is a Chicago poet and rapper who has represented Chicago at three different venues in three consecutive years at the National Poetry Slam. He was Mental Graffiti's 2013 Grand Slam Champ and Lethal Poetry's 2014 Grand Slam Champ.

To give you a flavor for this event, this date, we share with you Eric's poem, Just a Date.

Just a Date

Do you wanna go to dinner?
Do you wanna hear about my job and tell me about your job?
Wanna hear jokes that have worked on other girls?
I could tell some things about myself that paint me in an attractive light: like
I'm a poet and I also play basketball in my free time
Isn't that totally quirky and charming?
Doesn't that simultaneously mute the fact that poetry is pretentious and kind
of effeminate and sports can be super douchey
You must think I'm just the right level of heterosexual now...

Do you wanna go to dinner again
and again and again
and meet my friends and meet my parents and have sex and have fights and
make up and move in together and get married and have babies...

And have more fights and try to make up
But this feels a bit more like Darwin than fate now, doesn't it?
Now it's, "quit leaving your shit around" and "why don't you like my
friends?" and "we never watch Nick at Night anymore," and "we can't afford
another baby" and...

I'm sorry. Sometimes I get ahead of myself. What I mean to say is...

Do you wanna go to dinner?

— Eric Sirota

Eric is the author of phylum — a chapbook of poems and ramblings that he has available when performing his poetry. Just a Date is one of the poems from phylum and appears here with the author's permission. As MC Rota, Eric has recently released a free mix-tape of his raps.

Multikulti is located on the fourth floor at 1000 N Milwaukee Ave. Doors open for Words That Kill at 7:00 p.m. for the 7:30 p.m. show. A suggested donation of $5 would be appreciated at the all-ages event while those over 21 can BYOB. Bring a little extra cash for the bake sale.

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