Monday, September 8, 2014

She Ain't Like the Rest

The heavens open
and allow me to view
inside the dream,
the dream that can only be seen
by staring through the gateways
encasing the soul of a queen.

To see with every glance
into those starry eyes,
I see the future
plotted out in the past
by the interconnecting lines of
galaxies without the restrictions
of man-made plans
leading to complementary star-signs
at every glance.

As every moment passes,
her gaze elevates me
to lands unbeknownst to the minds
of those who like myself,
tend to never look up at the sky
until daylight falls upon our eyes.
So we miss the gravitational pull
that comes with looking up at the night sky,
filled with the celestial beings
that are akin to her plight.

But her presence and grace
is what drives me forward
in the quest to distinguish her
from the bright reflections of the sunlight,
glistening as if they could be her
seen through someone else’s eyes.

— Nikolai Tjongarero

Born and raised in Windhoek, Namibia, Nikolai Tjongarero is a contributor to The Ground's Ear Contemporary Verse from Southern Africa poetry anthology. Nikolai's poems, social commentary and ruminations can be found online at #GetFamiliar where She Ain't Like the Rest first appeared in a slightly different format.

We thank Nikolai for his continuing support of the Bar None Group. She Ain't Like the Rest is Nikolai's seventh contribution to our online anthology since 2011.

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