Monday, September 15, 2014

Empty Plate

I could tell you
that I'm fine;
that my smiles have meaning
and I live life with meaning
as well,
but I'd be lying if I told you
that that were

See, I want to smile,
and see that it has meaning.
Hey Ma, what's for dinner?
She says that we're having
fake smiles and empty meanings
with my tears to ingest,
but these pangs of wanting in
my chest come out in tears,
like the liquids that I drank
to digest the emptiness
of my plate
from last night's dinner.

I wish I could tell you
that even after last night's
that I felt better,
but no — I'd be lying once more.
So today, for lunch, I wanted something
more than last night's dinner,
so today's plate has much more
to offer, because I'm hungry
for meaning.

I eat with passion, and each
bite from you onto my neck
replaces my vacuous exposure of
my teeth,
with light —
with new meaning.
I stare into your eyes and I say
nothing. We let our
smiles devour us in silence,
because even the silent air with our
smiles mean something.

— Chris Del Monte

A man of many names, Chris Del Monte, or CDMA ("Morel-Anderson, the Dominican and British last names mean a lot to me and my family") is a name we should keep tabs on going forward. While forging ahead with his studies, Chris' plans for the near and distant future are to work toward establishing a career that will see his poems, short stories and novels being published.

The Bar None Group is honored to be the first step on Chris Del Monte's literary journey and we are thrilled to showcase his poetry to a broader off-campus readership. The 20-year-old poet and student at the University of Massachusetts aspires to attend law school back home in New York City upon graduation from UMass.

Empty Plate kicks off our celebration of Hispanic Heritage Month. From September 15 to October 15 the Bar None Group will feature artists and poets who not only celebrate their Hispanic heritage but who also celebrate their art!

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