Thursday, August 28, 2014

Murder in Montana

Welcome to Montana! The setting for Anna Schilke's debut murder mystery.

Sex, drugs, alcohol, a well endowed killer who suffocates her victim with her breasts. And that's just the Prelude!

Murder in Montana is the debut novel by Anna Schilke. It takes some chutzpah to set a murder mystery in Billings, Montana, a city that sees less than a handful of murders per year. But on paper anything is possible. And Anna Schilke gives us more than one murder to think about. She gives us a serial killer. A female serial killer! In Montana! And that takes cojones!

As the tag line to the novel reads, "It is her quest is to rid the world, or at least Billings, Montana of men who prey on women for sexual exploitation. One by one they locate her and she snuffs them out. How many will succumb to her vengeance before Detectives Joe Crawford and Quinton Ryan arrest her?"

Never mind the math, or the body count, if you are a fan of noir fiction, of murder mysteries, then Murder in Montana is a read that will leave you hearing bumps in the night and seeing shadows beyond the glow of your Kindle.

Ten years in the making, Anna Schilke had to leave her native Montana and move 3000 miles to Mexico to finish her debut effort. Upon settling in the state of Jalisco, she dusted off her original draft and breathed new life into Murder in Montana.

With her debut novel now available as an e-book, Anna is hard at work on her next novel. This new mystery, tentatively titled Murder in Melaque, will draw on her current Mexican surroundings for plot, character and atmosphere. It is safe to say that some snowbirds will miss the return flight home.

(For those of you in and around Melaque this weekend, there will be an unofficial book launch and birthday celebration for Anna Schilke at Chynna's Backstage Bar in Barra de Navidad Sunday, August 31 at 3p.m.)

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