Wednesday, August 27, 2014


Distant, that's how we must remain

Like the kerosene from the fire
Like the foreman from the black slave
Like the reality from the expectation
Like the dream from life's routine.

Like any child from death
Like free drugs from an addict
Like the office worker from the pastoral
Like what's pure from the depraved

In order to avoid the chaos in our souls
And the doom of our bodies
Far away, like the leaves of a tree from its roots
Knowing that if we ever get any closer
It's only because one of us has fallen to the ground.

— Blanca Segura

It has been said that to find the soul of a country you must seek out its poets. When the Bar None Group arrived in Peru we put out a call for the poets — the soul — of Peru. Blanca Segura of the Grupo Parasomnia — a collective of poets from Lima — answered our call. You will be hearing more of Blanca and the Grupo in the coming months.

Blanca's first volume of poetry, La Brutalidad de Los hechos was published in 2011. Her poetry also appears in the Grupo Parasomnia's 2013 anthology of poetry, Al otro lado del verso. Blanca is also the creator of an online multimedia poetry experience called Mis hombres y yo.

You can read her poem Distant in its original Spanish below and hear the poet's own voice reading in English as part of the Record-a-Poem on SoundCloud project put together by the Poetry Foundation.


Distantes, así debemos de permanecer.

como el kerosene del fuego,
como el capataz del esclavo negro,
como la realidad de la expectativa,
como el sueño de la vida.

como cualquier niño de la muerte,
como la droga gratis del adicto,
como el avaro de la naturaleza,
como lo puro de la maldad.

para evitar el caos de nuestras almas
y la perdición de nuestros cuerpos.
como lo está la hoja del árbol de la raíz,
sabiendo que si nos acercamos
es sólo porque uno de los dos ya cayó.

— Blanca Segura


  1. Excellent poem, Blanca. I look forward to more from you. Thanks, Mark for introducing her into my world.


    1. Thank you very much for your kind words Pamela, I really appreciated.