Thursday, August 14, 2014

Butterfly Flutters

The inner fire blazes
The tongue burns
The motmot´s tail
telling the story
The ani
perches on my window
into my eyes
Ancient          ancient
from the tertiary epoch
through the Pleistocene
till now
silently speaking
hush          hush
as the cockroaches
seek new homes
Mosquitoes suck my blood
Spiders eat my flesh
The energies of the Universe
rush in
to heal my wounds
To restore the flow
in the swelling
in the heat
The rain falls
drink          drink
When you live on top of a mountain
everything must be carried up
When you live
in the bottom of the valley
flows down
The evening breeze
flows east
from the sea
The morning breeze flows west
to the sea
An electric fan
in the corner
moving the air
What is the purpose of the breeze?
Breathe  breathe  breeze
Molecules in the air
rub together
Lightning flashes
I wander through the trees unseen
never          leaving my chair
A butterfly flutters
through the leaves.

— Russell Rosander

An artist and poet living in the Costalegre of Mexico, Russell Rosander is also a co-founder of the Bar None Group. Russell hosts weekly readings and discussions on poetry, art, music and literature...but mostly poetry at Chynna's Backstage Bar in Barra de Navidad, Mexico. You can find more of Russell's writing at Russell Rosander Short Stories where Butterfly Flutters first appeared.

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