Friday, August 15, 2014

About Our Times

We've had some times,
You and I;
Me being me, and you being you.

We moved along those many roads,
Going from place to place,
With lots of cats; hoping it would all work out.

You left your world,
And I left mine;
(I always felt the change was thornier for you.)

Anyhow, we're here now;
And we're not going anywhere else, just yet.
With nine cats, and no illusions,

The world doesn't seem so big anymore.
Those far-flung shores are the borders, now,
Of this place we call our home.

— Tom Banks

Tom Banks is one of the voices the Bar None Group has heard during Mark and Teresa's journeys across America in 2014. We met Tom in New Mexico at the Indian Hills Inn and promised to continue our conversation on poetry later. We now continue the conversation by introducing you to Tom's poetry.

A graduate of Indiana University, Tom Banks is a poet living in Taos with his wife Diane. About Our Times is from Tom's 2013 collection of poetry, Jazz Music — Poems in the Rhythm of Life published by Sunstone Press. The poems in Jazz Music are, "those beats, those moods, that rhythm, rendered into language — Jazz language!" 

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