Friday, May 16, 2014

Demetrio's Scythe

in memoriam: Janine Pommy Vega

Scythe in hand off he stormed
into the fields
to harvest
with every twist
of his reed-like blade-like form
his own discord.
I am Demetrio
he intoned
follower of the Earth Mother
until grass and grain
fell in uneven clumps
I am not voiceless
I do not need her to speak for me
she tells me my Spanish sounds broken up
and my singing off-key
again and again he spiraled and swung
as the double-edged blade cut
and whistled in macabre harmony
oh no me importa
oh no me importa.

Grim reaper of his own soul,
met the resonant presence
at the end of her life's journey
chose instead to immerse himself
in the noise of his own making.

Now that he weeps
like the bereft Earth Mother herself
no one will hear him
no bitter herb can heal him
not even angelica manzanilla
or rue.

Lori D. Nolasco

Colleen Powderly, author of Split, writes, "In a time when much poetry drifts brokenly across its page, Laura D. Nolasco returns to Greek mythology and established poetic forms to narrate her search for cultural identity in Demetrio's Scythe."

Demetrio's Scythe is the title poem of Lori's second volume of poetry published this spring by Foothills, Demetrio's Scythe: A Suite of Elegies. Lori's previous volume of poetry from 2010, Ariadne of the Freezing Rains: A Cycle of Poems, was also published by New York's Foothills Publishing.

An educator, poet and vocalist, Lori D. Nolasco has been gracious in sharing her poetry with our readers since 2011. As we thank her for this honor, the Bar None Group also congratulates Lori on her latest publication. Salud amiga!


  1. Great pic as usual. It looks as if Demetrio went out and mowed those fields.

    1. If you look closely you can see Demetrio's shadow looming from the bottom right.