Thursday, March 20, 2014

State of Mine

Whether it is Florida or Jersey, querido
Wherever you lay your hat is my home
It is your heart and where it takes you
That has become my road-map on this crazy journey

Together through laughter, together through tears
As one, we manage to infuse with energy and wonder 
From a New York state to a California dream
The fuel that drives our destinies

There have been left turns in Vermont, right turns in Arizona
Topes in Mexico, speed-bumps in Kentucky
Pit-stops in Georgia, truck-stops in Indiana
And F-stops at vistas

Nowhere along those meandering roads
Was there ever to be seen a sign that read, STOP.
We would have held hands, laughed and sped through
As our lives had already intersected, had already intertwined

We have left behind Illinois and winter on the first day of spring
Because dreams can come true if you want them too
If you have the drive to see them through, our dream this week is — summer
There is a tank full of gas that agrees with our dream.

So hold on tight baby because if today is Thursday
Then we are heading out from Missouri
And some mysterious inn on the side of the road
Armed with a tale and a day's plan with a bulls-eye in Texas

We are gunslingers on America's highways and byways
Putting notches on bedposts as we lay waste to the states
that stand in our way before falling behind in our rear-view
New Mexico, check; Louisiana, check; West Virginia, check;

Our mouths don't write checks that our bodies can't cash
Your hands on the nape of my neck massage away the forgotten miles
The cruise control allows me to get the lead out of my leg
While maintaining our pace, maintaining our groove with the tunes.

I-90, I-55, I-30, I see!
Your eyes and your vision opened wide as could be
Your heart opened wider to allow me to drive in
To seek shelter, to seek comfort in a small seaside town

To stop for one night, one night on the coast
Just like those two ships who passed in the night
But we awoke to our very first road-trip the following day
Four years ago baby, just like today.

Mark Butkus

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