Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Song of Nothingness

I am the dust
Gathered on your feet,
Swirling around an invisible center,
Beyond existence.

The stars are my subsistence,
Brief flickers of light.
I have no being
Other than what I become.

I am not of time
Yet I fulfill each moment.
There is no reality,
Yet I encompass it.

I am whatever you choose
To imagine me to be,
May it fulfill your needs.
You are my beloved.

Love is the spark of life,
My only passion
And that which
Sustains it.

As substance, I am mortal,
But at the heart,
I am nothingness — I am all
I am light — I am darkness
I am eternal — I am you.

— Russell Rosander

An artist and poet living in the Costalegre of Mexico, Russell Rosander is also a co-founder of the Bar None Group. Russell hosts weekly readings and discussions on poetry, art, music and literature...but mostly poetry at Chynna's Backstage Bar in Barra de Navidad, Mexico. Drop by any Sunday afternoon to participate and quench your thirst for the arts with an amazing cocktail by Chynna Chilton herself. You can find more of Russell's writing at Russell Rosander Short Stories where Song of Nothingness first appeared.

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