Friday, March 28, 2014

On the Road in Florida: Loneliness

Macklemore may be looking for a come-up when he browses the thrift shop but the Bar None Group hits the bookshelves looking for dusty first editions and the off chance of discovering lesser known poets and their poetry. On a rainy day in Sarasota, Florida we found a volume of poetry from a local resident — Joan Armour Mendell.


People conversing
People traversing
I am not alone
At the café
They sit and chat
A gentle laugh
'Bout this and that
They linger o'er
Their coffee cup
While beside them lies
Their snoozing pup
People conversing
People traversing
I am not alone
The traffic is constant
The cyclists pass by
City lights appear
As the evening draws nigh
The coffee hour ends
Its cocktail time
The waiter appears
With rum, Coke and lime
Through misty eyes I watch
People conversing
People traversing
And I am so alone

— Joan Armour Mendell

Joan Armour Mendell was born and grew up in New York City. Twice widowed she now lives full time in sunny Sarasota. In addition to writing verse Joan spends her leisure hours playing bridge and devoting time to philanthropic causes. She is the mother of four children and eight grandchildren.

So reads Joan's author's note from her second collection of poetry, Reflections self-published in 2011 from which Loneliness first appeared. Her first collection, from 2007, is entitled Life, Love and Laughter.

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