Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Lent for Resolution

New Year's is for everyone
Lent is for the Catholics

On New Year's Eve you have a choice going forward
Resolve to give up on what holds you back or
Aspire to better the surroundings of you internally, externally, spiritually

As for Lent, Catholics don't have a choice
To give up or acquire habits to move us forward on a spiritual journey
We aspire to be more by doing less of what we enjoy

Enjoyment is the top of my annual list of  New Year resolutions
Followed closely by loving more, writing more and exercising more
Conversely I vow to give up my vices on New Year's Day with a wink and a smile

For I know that in giving up my vices I'll have nothing to give up for Lent
I will pour brandy in my coffee on New Year's Day, I will take a puff and forget to exhale
And I will only exorcise my demons in the run-up to Easter

Because it is at Lent that over the years
I have given up beer for tequila, given up chocolate for chips
And where I selflessly give up on hope for prayer

Cleopatra the Queen of the Nile has nothing on Catholics, The Masters of Denial
So I vow to give up over the next 40 days the stuff that makes me smile
Like the random rhyme of a stanza that to compose takes me more than a while

I'm giving up social media, no tweets, no updates, no emoticons
I'm giving up social drinking, no pints, no snifters, no shots on the rail
And like my resolutions on New Year's Day I vow to change my life going forward

I vow to make good after I receive my smudge that a 40 day window of doing without
Sets me up for chocolate bunnies and tasty drinks where maybe the snow will be done
When perhaps spring will bloom and I can get to that resolution from Day One to run a 5K

Wait. What? The local bar has a trivia night on Wednesday? This Wednesday!?!
And I forgot about the literary event on Thursday...the one with the open bar
Friday? No. No. No. The arts group soiree with coolers of beer and bowls of chocolate kisses?

New Year's is for everyone
Lent is for the Catholics
This year, as for me, I'm losing my religion.

Mark Butkus


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