Thursday, February 13, 2014

Tourist in my own life

I am a tourist in my own life
Everything I am feeling
Is foreign land
I cannot quite recognize
This impasse
Is it really I —
I am a tourist in my own life

Should I not know by now
What I am capable of
What song I am supposed
To play
When I am having more
Than two bad days

Who is this person
Staring back at me
Here I am contemplating
And she is not crying
It is not I, it is not I
I am a tourist in my own life

What am I supposed to learn
When the one teaching a lesson
Is the one concerned
I become
Unknown territory to explore
With old wounds and sorrows
And now a new state of postwar
It is I, it is I
That has to reach out
To stop being
A tourist in my own life.

— Nicole Bataclan

Nicole Bataclan is the Bureau Editor in Zurich, Switzerland for Roots and Wings — A Magazine for Filipinos in Europe.  She is also available for freelance work and the author of her own blog — The Writings of Nicole Bataclan where Tourist in my own life first appeared. The Bar None Group thanks Nicole for her continued support — her poetry has appeared on our pages for the last four years — and we encourage our readers to visit her site.

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