Friday, February 7, 2014

The One That Slipped Away

I will wait for you no longer
  I will walk into the dark
I will watch no more forever
  for the love that gave me a spark

I will walk into the distance
  with my feet upon the dirt
I will climb up on the mountain
  and pretend it doesn't hurt

I will stand at all directions
  I will call the wind to blow
I will disappear the clouds away
  and nobody will know

I will curse the beast that took you
  I will damn that evil day
I will walk into the silence
  As you slowly drift away

  My heart will ache forever
  My tears will often fall
  For the sound that I will remember
  Is the sound that wounds us all

Charles Longstreet

Charles Longstreet (1947-2013) Father. Friend. Dharma Bum of Barra de Navidad. Chuck was not only a co-founder of the Bar None Group, it was his idea that led to the formation of the Bar None Group. If you bought a copy of a Bar None anthology you probably bought it from Charles Longstreet himself as he was the public face of the Bar None Group in Barra de Navidad, Mexico.

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