Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Linden Tree

If I could keep this: this linden tree feeling
when all-time melts into one stiff driveway

and I can only fold a love song into telephone
lines. There’s a satellite that will take me
where to you. The way a map opens, lifelike,
and grows to make a system out of any speck

of land makes each day spent without you
seem like any minute someone will inform

me that I’ve been walking around with so 
many broken bones.

Kat Dixon

Linden Tree is from Kat Dixon's second collection of poetry Black Racket Ocean that is now available from LUMA Foundation as part of the 89plus exhibition, Poetry will be made by all!

Black Racket Ocean was published yesterday. February 18, 2014. At 2:28 a.m.! It is also the 27th title to be produced in the 1000 Books by 1000 Poets exhibition that is ongoing in Zurich, Switzerland.

Kat Dixon's first volume of poetry is entitled Temporary Yes. The resident of Atlanta, Georgia is also the author of a novella, Here/Other and four chapbooks.

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