Monday, January 13, 2014

The Art of Waiting — Don't Wait!

We wait
         -for the bus – not yet here
         -for the meal – not yet here
         -for the play – not yet begun
         -for the line – not yet ended

For whatever reason,
Not yet fulfilled.

Pacing the floor
Like an anxious father to be
Trapped in a time before existence

Counting empty minutes
         -in dreaded nothingness
         -before our conception

In fear
         -that it may never occur.

For some
         -whole lifetimes are spent
         -in this condition

Never satisfied
         -to be who they are
         -in any moment
                   -what torture!

Stop! – Open your eyes!
         -see a single flower unfold
         -watch the sun or the moon
                   -stately crossing the sky
         -hear the bird
                   -singing in the tree

Feel the abundance of life surrounding you.

Let go – Allow
         -the next moment
         -to be
         -whatever it chooses to be

In peace
         -in appreciation
         -of all you have been given
                   -In love – in wonder
                   -wherever you are
                   -In whatever situation
                            -experience it all

Don´t wait
         -Live each second - as if
                   -Another may never come.

—  Russell Rosander

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  1. The world as DMV waiting room! But the mind needs no license to go where it will.