Monday, January 13, 2014

Morning Moment

Leaves falling on the table
— an annual event.
Drinking this morning´s coffee
— outside
Before this year´s red blossoms
— in an olive jar
— wilt.

A sonorous dove
— unseen in the distance
Coos approbations
— to the beginning
— to the motion of life.

The gnats have found my presence
— interesting, at least.
They pester my lips and eyes.
— I wonder
— having no possessions
— do they sense otherness?
Do they fear the gnat-catcher
— flitting through the branches of the trees.

A totally temporal situation
— I´m afraid,
Your existence — and mine
— the leaves on the table
— the flowers in the jar.

Delve into the nectar of it.
Taste it while you can.
The wheel is turning
— endlessly
— it never stops
All life´s contained
— in a single,
— morning moment

We celebrate
— it´s passage
— with passion
Each in his or her
— own way.

— Russell Rosander

From Kinsberg, CA Russell Rosander is an artist and poet living in the Costalegre of Mexico. His works were featured in The Art Show at the Louisiana Museum of Art in Humlebaek, Denmark and elsewhere. Russell's art graces the cover of Take Two: Another Bar None Anthology as well as being a co-founder of the Bar None Group and a contributor of poetry and art to both Bar None Group anthologies. You can find more of Russell's writing at Russell Rosander Short Stories.

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