Tuesday, January 7, 2014

A Day in January

Dawn breaks in a far away place
Stubborn leaves that cling to frozen branches
Frame the grey sky.
The disembodied voices on the radio
— to chipper for this time of day —
Call for more snow and cold.

The students rejoice at
Staying home another day
Bad news fill my ears
Reminding me to wake up
As I am not a child and must venture out
Under several layers of winter clothing.
Blindly, I reach over and feel for the "SNOOZE"

Where is my lover?
As I seek warmth
From underneath the covers.
I smile when she says
Nothing more than, "Good Morning"
With the look from her eyes.

My eyes, still heavy, close
While I think of a poem
And fall into a dream
For another fifteen minutes.

— Mark Butkus


  1. Ah, so this is where I can find you - the link from your name on my site took me to something completely different and possibly out of date.
    How lovely to be snowed in with a loved one - even if it's only for another 15 minutes!

  2. ha. doesnt that extra 15 feel so good...
    i will be honest, i would rather be in school today...i am getting a little stir crazy being home for 5 days now...i did escape to the store for a bit today since the Uni is out as well and my wife is home...lol.

  3. I wish I could sleep in but work calls so I am up early and about ~ Good to see you at D'verse ~

  4. So very sad when you know kids have a day off school but adults have to work. Another fifteen minutes' dreaming is not half enough!!

  5. Pity you could not sleep in all day long ! Liked the pic...American kids must be ecstatic having all this time off school.

  6. Nice! I love that she says ""Good Morning" With the look from her eyes"!

  7. Warmth…despite the cold. Perfectly captured.

  8. Gotta love the winter...I like how you captured this day.

  9. Ah yes, the snooze button. Nice write.

  10. Oh, that's just what I would do. Lovely poem.