Sunday, December 22, 2013

The Outrageous Belief in Angels

A Poem for Christmas.

It seems no one has seen one
For a very long time.
It may seem unlikely
That an old reprobate, like me,
Would believe in them at all,
But I do.

For a lot of people,
Those mystical, winged, beings,
Are, but gaudy figurines,
Decorations, on top
Of a Christmas trees,
Or dreamy images,
Flourishing antique paintings
And on gravestones.

There are those that say,
That these serendipitous visitors,
Exist, only in the dreams
Of Children,
To comfort them
In the darkness of night.
Just fairy tales and myths,
Or some of the more pleasant
Diversions from reality,
Of the mad,
Clearly, impossible,
And totally imaginary,
But, I believe
In the power of the imagination
As well.

I hear them singing,
Every time a small act
Of generosity or kindness
Is performed,
For they, are the spirits
Of these “irrational,” and unselfish deeds,
Imaginary or not.

Each time, someone helps
Someone else in need,
Each time someone loves
Or cares for another,
Each time, a small gift
Is given of oneself
To anyone,
Friendship, or even
Mere, politeness
Or courteous respect
For no particular reason,
The Angels, raise their voices high.
Singing an inaudible song,
Which only
The heart can hear.

Each time, we perform
Such an act, in fact,
We become angels.
Don´t be fooled
By the lack of visible wings,
Or those to say they are exclusively,
The icons associated with
A particular religion.
It may not have anything to do
With religion, at all.

This is Christmas time.
In our culture, a time designated,
For giving (forgiving).
A time, which should, last all year.
A celebration of the birth
Of a young man
Who died a martyr
A long time ago.

Who tried
To bring a message
From the angels,
That kindness and love
For all beings, great or small,
Never goes unrewarded,
No matter how obscure the way,
In multi-part harmony.

Who became an angel
Trying to bring that message
To a world that wasn´t ready
To hear it.
They crucified him,
But those angels are
Still around,
So, thank you,
And please, sing on.

—Russell Rosander
Barra de Navidad, Mexico 2013

From Kinsberg, CA Russell Rosander is an artist and poet living in the Costalegre of Mexico. His works were featured in The Art Show at the Louisiana Museum of Art in Humlebaek, Denmark and elsewhere. Russell's art graces the cover of Take Two: Another Bar None Anthology as well as being a co-founder of the Bar None Group and a contributor of poetry and art to both Bar None Group anthologies.

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  1. A beautiful poem with a message that should be heard..Angels are everywhere even where you least expect to find one..