Saturday, December 7, 2013

A Walk with Nelson Mandela

Remembering Nelson Mandela 1918-2013.

I walked through your life
one day a few years back
Rows of pictures in a gallery
Hours spent in quiet contemplation
in a dark and lonely room

You, Nelson Mandela,
Deprived of decades of your life
Carried the weight of a people
upon your incarcerated shoulders

In a dark and lonely cell
With your thoughts and ideals
You found moral strength
To rescue your homeland from tyranny

Through your quiet resilience
A global community rose loudly
With a united voice
Political pressure was applied
Boycott became a tool of action

Anyone whoever stood up to injustice
Those of us who march in protest
March alongside you once again
For we scattered people of Earth
Unite once more as pallbearers

Carrying forward your message
Passing on ideals of equality
That you put forward
Galvanizing idealists who hoped
To one day see you and your nation free

There now lives a generation of people
That has only read of Apartheid
In history books and not the daily papers
As your life, Madiba, comes to an end
This is where your legacy begins.

Mark Butkus

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