Thursday, December 12, 2013

A Brief Touching With Angels

A flutter of egrets,
With the white wings of angels,
Fills the arms of a palm,
Waiting without intent
For the moment of their arrival.

An unpredicated sharing of leaves and feathers,
Swaying in the arched arrays of the tree,
Touching and caressing like true lovers,
In the cool morning air.

A momentary mingling
Of color and form in motion,
A beautiful, living, raiment
From which the heart

— Russell Rosander

From Kinsberg, CA Russell Rosander is an artist and poet living in the Costalegre of Mexico. His works were featured in The Art Show at the Louisiana Museum of Art in Humlebaek, Denmark and elsewhere. Russell's art graces the cover of Take Two: Another Bar None Anthology as well as being a co-founder of the Bar None Group and a contributor of poetry and art to both Bar None Group anthologies.

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