Thursday, November 28, 2013

In Her Footsteps: A Native Prayer of Thanks

Kateri Tekakwitha — Noble Turtle, Mother Earth gathers her people.

Mohawk Algonquin Lily
filled with love
grateful woman
we honor you

Sister Turtle Clan
strong, kind and true
faithful woman
we honor you

hope filled dignity
joyful woman
we honor you

Woodland cross of life
fasting and prayer
mystical woman
we honor you

Precious flower
virgin, fair and free
holy woman
we honor you

Friend with compassion
helper and healer
lover of peoples
we honor you

Gift of nations
Gentle and forgiving
loyal witness
we thank you

Our Sunshine
vision, bright and keen
open, generous
we thank you

Creator centered
creation filled
air, sky water
we thank you

Celebrate our gathering
clans, tribes, nations
justice, harmony
we thank you

Family united
Body, blood, life
serving, sharing
we thank you

In your sacred journey
Blessed Kateri
we honor you
we thank you

This prayer poem of thanks honors the first indigenous saint from North America — Kateri
Tekakwitha. Known as the "Lily of the Mohawks" Kateri was born in Caughnawaga in what is now upstate New York in 1656. She was baptized in 1676 and died at the age of 24 in Canada. Kateri was declared venerable by the Catholic Church in 1943, Beatified in 1980 and finally, Canonized in 2012.

Saint Kateri is the patroness of the environment and ecology as is St. Francis of Assisi — the namesake of the current pope. In Her Footsteps was spoken at the National Saint Kateri Tekakwitha Shrine in a celebration mass recognizing the first anniversary of her canonization October 12-13, 2013.

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