Friday, October 18, 2013


In wonderland of scratch card
and tenement block
deserted bunker of dirty needles,
where headless statues are painted
in rotten fish-heads and discarded butter.
Concrete square of boarded shop entrances
vomit smeared carpet of stone,
swaggering monkey men stroll the dankness
with studded dogs on silver chains.
A bloodshed queue of kebab and taxi
where teeth are decorated on yellow-lines,
spray tanned blondes stumble bow-legged
singing songs into midnights neon moon.

— MJ Duggan

The native of Bristol UK, MJ Duggan describes himself as an "imagist and a polemicist." MJ is also the author of three poetry books: The Modern Orpheus; Avalon and; Scenes from the Big Society. His poems have also been published in a number of UK literary magazines including Carillon and Magpie's Nest. Wonderland is from the author's Scenes from the Big Society and appears here with his permission.

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