Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Ghost Light

Artificial white aurora
where shadows play tag against time,
stir when proscenium is dark.

Spirits creep, seeping up energy
after the show.

Performing artists,
on Opening Night
generating synergy;
spirited in a few hours,
lasting a generation —

Tension, anxiety, angst, humor,
zealousness, vanity,
hypersensitive hyperbole
spun out of control,
told in tales
through thin-bodied souls,
molded to be told tales
teasingly so...

...turn on in the quiet of arena noise;
swelling and swirling,
twirling over sepia gels,
theatrical sage
sold to those privileged to see. 

We Thespians are glad to give
set shine needed to busy yourselves.

After we've left;
the ghost light is on for you.

Conduct your business.

— Renee Matthews-Jackson

For Renee Matthews-Jackson poetry is her passion. A playwright and accomplished actor, the poet from Cleveland, Ohio can also draw upon her theater experience when writing poetry. Renee made her stage debut in 1987 in Joseph A. Walker's classic, The River Niger at the world famous, Karamu House Performing Arts Theatre. We thank Renee for allowing us to feature her poetry within the pages of the Bar None Group website.