Monday, October 14, 2013

Chicago Man Buys Four Banksy's to 'Fill Wall'

This graffiti in Harlem is not an original Banksy!

Who is that Man from Chicago who bought four original Banksy pieces of "spray art" in Central Park yesterday?

Acclaimed street artist Banksy is doing a well publicized "residency" on the streets of New York City that he is documenting on his website and the media is documenting with daily coverage.

New Yorkers and visitors to New York seek out his public displays of art once Banksy posts the location of his latest creation...before competing NYC graffiti artists deface his works.

Yesterday, Banksy had a stand set up outside Central Park manned by an elderly fellow selling original Banksy canvasses. The Mirror in Banksy's native UK estimates the canvasses to be worth more than $30 000 each. In Central Park...people weren't buying Banksy. Even at the discounted price of $60 per each canvass. In the course of the day Banksy's little stand had three customers.

Four hours would pass before the first Banksy was sold. A woman bought two canvasses for her children after negotiating a 50 percent discount on the $60 canvasses. Another woman from New Zealand bought two canvasses at full price. And then there was the Man from Chicago.

The Man from Chicago bought four original, signed Banksy canvasses "to fill the walls" of his new house. Using Mirror prices the Man from Chicago picked up $120 000 worth of art by shelling out an astronomical $240 US. Who is the Man from Chicago? That's the question people want to know. The works were signed but did the Man from Chicago know that he was buying Banksy artwork?

The Man from Chicago will be a cause celebre by the end of the week and before he basks in his 15 minutes of fame I'll offer him $15 above his buying price for the four Banksy's. That's a $60 profit for the Man from Chicago! Think he'll take me up on my offer?

Drop me a line Man from Chicago.

Don't go looking for the Oscar-nominated artist's stand this Columbus Day. It was a one-day-only-sale. The following video from Better Out Than In relates the day's sales...or lack thereof.

Better Out Than In documents Banksy and his New York City adventures. Each day the artist uploads new info on his latest New York City creation.

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