Thursday, September 26, 2013

A Poem and a Toast to a Famous Dark Beer

What's more Irish than Guinness?

Today is Arthur's Day in Ireland. Celebrated on the last Thursday of September to honor the founder of the Guinness brewery, Arthur Guinness Day has come under fire as a manufactured alcoholiday. But how different is Arthur's Day from Alexander Keith Day in Canada or Cinco de Mayo in the US? (I've been in Mexico on many a May 5 with nary a celebration.)

But this isn't a forum for debate, this is a poem and a toast to a famous dark beer.

Old Irish Poem...

Some Guinness was spilt on the barroom floor
When the pub was shut for the night.
When out of his hole crept a wee brown mouse
And stood in the pale moonlight.

He lapped up the frothy foam from the floor
Then back on his haunches he sat.
And all night long, you could hear the mouse roar,
“Bring on the goddamn cat!”

Old Irish Toast...

May you fly straight to heaven,
But if you go to Hades,
May Lethe run with Guinness!

If you are going to raise a toast, the festivities kick off today at 17:59. One minute to six, in honor of the year of the founding of Guinness in 1759. How big has Arthur's Day become in Ireland? Today, there are over 500 music events featuring more than 1000 acts in Ireland alone. Guinness is also sponsoring events worldwide.

One musician not partaking in the festivities is Irish folk singer Christy Moore. Christy has written a stinging indictment of Arthur's Day appropriately called Arthur's Day available on his upcoming Where I Come From disc due in stores November 1, 2013. You can check out his lyrics and form your own opinion on Arthur's Day.


  1. My late husband had another paragraph to add to this poem
    It went something like this...

    Then the cat came down from the shelf on the wall ,
    And he ate up the little brown mouse,
    And the moral of the story for one and all is,
    Never take a drink on the house!

    1. I love your husband's ending! Thank you for painting a fuller picture. Cheers!