Monday, August 12, 2013

Litany of the Disenchanted Island

I renounce the sun, the sea and, all that sings:
Take back your enchantment, your sirens, your illusions
I will no longer wreck my boat upon your island
Beachless, surrounded by jagged rocks and false promise.

Oh disenchanted island queen of lies:
How long have I listened to your Piper's tune?
Your malecón worse than the streets of Hamelin
Where souls lured by black magic march toward death.

Whoring siren, ungrateful Piper, shall I pay you with my blood?
How long will you laugh at my cries? A thousand ahs! Cast into the sea!
Cursed be the day I learned the psalms that even David would hate
Declaimed in a tongue as cutting as the rocks that choke the shore.

Sorceress of scorn, inflicter of all pain
Merciless mystic mother, where is your chaste and cherished child?
I reject you and all your works, oh empty house of fool's gold.
Far from your shattered mirror of injustice, I will seek other seas.

– Dionisio Clemente de los Ríos

A rootless wanderer like his namesake, Dionisio de los Ríos rarely talks about his homeland nor fields any questions when asked. Because of his wild appearance (long hair and full beard), no one would guess that he speaks French as well as English and his native Spanish. A lover of music, Dionisio appreciates Beethoven and Saint-Saens. This is the first English language appearance for Dionisio upon the Bar None Group pages. He first appeared one year ago to this day in Spanish with, Letanía de la isla desencantada.

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