Thursday, May 16, 2013

Le Fée Verte, Absinthe

Saint-Germain-des-Prés, Paris

in the wilderness of those green hours
gliding with the faerie muse along café
walls virescent, sighing jonquil wings of
poetry, inventing tales in the sooty red
mystery of elusive beauty, beguiled by an
opalescent brew, tangible for the poet and
the pedestrian, the same shared illusions
breaching the rosy ramparts of heaven

– Jamie Dedes

For more than five years Jamie Dedes has been sharing her thoughts and poetry through her site THE POET BY DAY, the journey in poem. Le Fée Verte, Absinthe first appeared at THE POET BY DAY, the journey in poem and appears here with permission of the author. We thank Jamie for allowing the Bar None Group to share Le Fée Verte, Absinthe with our readers and encourage you to visit her site and leave a comment. She does take them. As with all poems that appear upon these pages the author maintains full copyright. Jamie vigorously maintains her copyright and the Bar None Group encourages all to do likewise.


  1. "...sighing jonquil wings of poetry..." I am no poet, just a pedestrian, but a lover of poetry. I have been there, and I recognized it in your words. You are such a fine poet.

    1. for me it was , "along café walls virescent" :)