Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Hotel Caribe

I heard the cry of your soul.
The low keening moan
That crescendos into a howl.
I saw your face etched with pain,
The smell of death upon your breath.

I held you in my arms and
Wrapped my soul around you,
Absorbing your agony,
Soothing your fears.

You clung to me
With the strength of someone
Sinking into the abyss of madness
And I never let you go.

I gently called your name
And stroked your soft hair.
I stared into your eyes
until you saw me
And came back.

We defeated those forces
Which sought to devour you.
I watched your strength grow
Until the day came
When you no longer needed me.

On that warm evening
As we lay together
After making love
At the Hotel Caribe in Barra.


– Charles Longstreet

(Hotel Caribe is one of the poems featured in Bar None: An Anthology of English Writing from the Costalegre. The author, Charles Longstreet, is one of the founders of the Bar None Group.)

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  1. smiles...it is a very cool poem...i like the emotional turns in it....esp the last one....