Monday, April 8, 2013

The Fire

Snow covered concrete jungles
Where one could see one's breath
And feel the snow underfoot
Crunching with every childhood stride
Running toward a makeshift goal
Marked by two steel posts along a schoolyard fence
    That was the spark

"So goes Juventus, so goes the Italian national team,"
Said my neighbors who bled black and white
And the wizardry of Paolo Rossi
The sweltering summer of  '82 belonged to the Azzurri
And the waving flags and beeping horns filled the air
For one night in Little Italy
When all of Chicago came to party
    That ignited the passion

On a dirt pitch in Mexico desperate for water
Boys and girls from three to thirteen
Celebrate an Olympic gold medal won a world away
In hand-me-down cleats and mismatched jerseys
From around the world, from Serie A, La Liga
And closer to home, Liga MX
    That fanned the flames

On a cold day in March
With the winds blowing near zero
The home team will fall
But the hardy faithful brave the elements
Fathers with daughters, Mothers and sons
Friends and coworkers united
Pass on the love of a game
In an empty suburban bowl
    That fuel the fire

    Is the spark
    That ignited the passion
    That fanned the flames
    That fuel the Fire!


  1. I can feel the passion in your words! My family feels this way about baseball. Well told.

  2. oh like...really can feel the fire in your verse...sports can make us enthusiastic and touch a whole nation..

  3. nice...played soccer futbol growing up....and it is cool that they get excited like that...and a little crazy at times....ha....we all have our thing...i am rather looking forward to some more baseball games...

  4. I am not into sports but I do admire the passion and fire of fans and players alike ~ Very nice offering ~

  5. I feel. Your passion, I love it. :)

  6. To love something so much that no obstacle will get in the way... Wonderful work.