Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Love Is and Other Google Poems

Feeling lucky? There was a time that Google's web search claim to fame was the "I feel lucky" button. You knew that there was a web page that you wanted to get to but you didn't know the URL.

The lucky button was intuitive. The lucky button was a godsend and saved people countless seconds.

Google is even more intuitive today. Start keying in strokes and Google tosses up options as you type. Some have turned these options into Google poems.

The practice of forming Google poems is popular enough that a website dedicated to Google poetry – Google Poetics – popped up last fall. Google poems have been featured in places such as The Huffington Post and The Telegraph. And now, The Bar None Group.

Here are a few of our examples...with a slight editorial touch in some cases. What did you come up with?

Love Is

Love is a battlefield
Love is art
Love is an orientation
Love is all around
Love is a verb

Love is a four letter word
Love is a many splendored thing
Love is all you need
Love is a losing game
Love is a verb

From Here

From here I saw what happened and cried
From here its possible
From here in French
From here...IN

On the Day

On the day you were born
On the day I died
On the day I was born
On the day before

Life Is

Life is good
Life is beautiful
Life is a highway
Life is but a dream
Life is short quotes
Life is a beautiful movie
Life is magic

I'm Feeling

I'm feeling lucky
I'm feeling playful
I'm feeling trendy
I'm feeling good

I'm feeling puzzled
I'm feeling hungry
I'm feeling under the weather
I'm feeling fat and sassy
I'm feeling good good good


  1. oh these are pretty fun....i might have to give that a try and see what i can come up with...lol

  2. Excellent found art! Sometimes the genius is in packaging what is presently not being appreciated!

    1. Somewhat Zen-like packaged in bits and bytes.

  3. Cliche is the armature of the universal! Google brings home the truth of old Jarry's saying. Dada and beyond methinks!

  4. These are a lot of fun, Mark. Hope all is well with you.


  5. Mark,

    This was unique and fun to read..sort of made my mind wonder from here to there..interesting technique

  6. That's too fun! I've never heard of Google Poetics before.