Monday, April 15, 2013

For Jack and Allen

I’m hallucinating spiders.
Cracked benzedrine haziness
smoking and supping ethanol fumes
from cracked glass, dirty frompaw prints
and titted & cocked filth.

Jazzed up and panting. I’m listening
to the other room; the other world. I can
hear smirks, whisperings of zips
and ripping of buttons.

Soft piano titters;
bassy cello and 50s limp wrists
flail to the Beat. It’s all there,
the visions of the Road, howling & gnarling
& begging & cavorting up through my back
and into the base of my skull.

The Number Four book sits slapped
and curled waiting to the bent and used;
thumbed and flicked by children & children's

For Jack and Allen first appeared within the online pages of the National Poetry Lab. The purpose of the National Poetry Lab is to be the place for poets to, "experiment, test and share great new British poetry." The Bar None Group thanks the National Poetry Lab for allowing us to share For Jack and Allen with our readers.


  1. what a powerful first stanza and what a cool place...a poetry we had something like this over here

  2. your words pop like the notes in a jazz song