Sunday, March 31, 2013

No Means...Florida!

May as well just call it No-rida.

No diving
No liquids
No fishing
No basura
No alcohol
No parking
No littering
No loitering
No smoking
No camping
No acampar
No chemicals
No swimming
No ball playing
No B-B-Q grills
No rollerblading
No open flames
No hacer fuego
No roller blading
No dogs or bikes
No bicycle riding
No scooter riding
No skateboarding
No skate boarding
No buses or trucks
No parking any time
No tents or shelters
No lifeguard on duty
No overnight parking
No smoking on porch
No stopping on bridge
No fishing from bridge
No drums or containers
No radio (music) allowed
No amare en estructuras
No tying off on structures
No vehicle allowed on dock
No bicycles beyond this point
No bicycle parking on sidewalk
No trespassing — U.S. property
No panhandling or soliciting zone
No floats or tubes allowed in pool
No motorcycles beyond this point
No tiendas de campana o refugios
No chemicals or hazardous materials
No dumping — Violators will be prosecuted
No alcoholic beverages or camping allowed
No food, drinks, glass or animals in pool or pool deck
No soliciting, peddling, handbills or overnight parking

1 comment:

  1. Remember when Spring Break was fun? For the craziest state in the nation there is a lot that Florida won't let you do.