Monday, March 18, 2013


Dancing in the wind...

See, every time I stayed on the path that would lead me further into people’s glances, I was dancing in the wind... left to see the way they see me for my heart was neatly stitched on my sleeve, so their stares became glares into the soul of what even they were never told. The stories of those that were left to dance within the wind, left to spiral in confusion masked as the answer to the questions, of what they should one day aspire to be in their lifelong quest for a conclusion.

So, they kept dancing in the wind... seated on the back of a five-legged angelic heathen, this creature was in fact a daemon, leading them to the places they never intended on ever being. But after they fought through it all they were once again left to dance within the wind, because together they found happiness etched within their sorrow, found pride in the fact they could once again look everyone straight in their eyes because the wind may have led them to the depths of their individual desolation, but that same wind led them to the joy that, had they given up fighting, they would have never had the pleasure of ever truly enjoying.

Yes, I will continue to dance within the wind, whether it is a breeze, a thunderstorm or the calm within the storm.

If you need us at all, you can find us. 
Dancing, in the wind.

— Nikolai Tjongarero

Born and raised in Windhoek, Namibia, Nikolai Tjongarero has been selected as one of the contributors to The Ground's Ear Contemporary Verse from Southern Africa poetry anthology. Nikolai's poems, social commentary and ruminations can be found online at #GetFamiliar where #DancingInTheWind first appeared.


  1. Lovely - I dance with the wind too...

    Anna :o]

  2. I'm glad you enjoyed the read.

    May they always find us #DancingInTheWind...