Monday, March 4, 2013


I have always feared
the silence,
the depth of the
long, black hours.
But darkness is
nothing more than
a measured absence
of light, and love a gradual
that allows the
sun to rise.

— Linda Haffey

A native of southern California, Linda Haffey now calls the bright lights of Las Vegas home. The Bar None Group is honored that Linda has shared her poetry with us...and now...with you! Awakening first appeared in Take Two: Another Anthology of English Writing from the Costalegre.

March is Women's History Month and the Bar None Group joins in paying tribute to the generations of women whose commitment to the arts and poetry have proved invaluable to society.


  1. Beautiful - majestic wondrous thoughts in a minimum of words. Exquisite.

  2. I trust you fear it less . . . or now not at all. I often welcome it, the silence of the darkness, for it is solitude there, invites Truth come there and linger.

    Your piece, elegant in its brevity, so nicely stated.


  3. there is something comforting as well in knowing that light will always come...night though has its own me....

  4. The 'turning' as light sweeps back up...true, so very lovely...a sweet soothe to this piece.

  5. Where would we be without love...?