Monday, February 4, 2013

The Life of a Fisherman

From dusk to dawn
is the life of the old salt,
the fisherman.

The gloomy mornings
wakening to the slow swell
of the sea.

A meager breakfast
before the long haul
for his livelihood.

Yarding out his line
for which his life depends on
ever so much.

The wind blowing
against a face
hardened by nature itself.

Hoping that all the fish
in the sea
will be on his boat by night.

The slow turning of wheels
bringing back a net with fish,
slowly but surely
throwing fish into the hold
of his ancient boat.

Setting cork, web and lead
on the aft
of his little boat.

Waiting but only seconds
to let out his line.
Again and again.

The ocean playing
drastic tricks,
with the old salt
trying to counter them

A calm sea
for many hours
turned into a churning, wicked ocean,

The boat swaying
back and forth,
like a feather flitting
in the breeze

Eventually coming back,
into the dock,
to take it easy for a night.

But wait! Holes in the net,
Oiling of the engine,
All items checked to make sure.

Then to get a bite to eat
after all of this
has been taken care of

Finally, falling into a deep slumber,
still dreaming of fish to catch.

Yes, from dawn to dusk
the hardships are
the life of a fisherman.

— David E. McDonald

David E. McDonald was born in ’44 in Oregon. He went to Viet Nam in ’63 and moved to Alaska in 1966. Retiring to Mexico in 2008 David is loving life in Barra de Navidad. The Life of a Fisherman is from Words of Action & Motion produced by the author in 1966 and published for the first time in Take Two: Another Anthology of English Writing from the Costalegre.

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