Tuesday, February 26, 2013

PEN International Writers in Prison Caselist

PEN International’s Writers in Prison Committee has released the latest edition of its Caselist detailing over 870 cases of attacks on writers, journalists, poets, publishers and editors. A key campaign resource for PEN International as well as other organisations, the WiPC Caselist details our most up to date information on writers who are detained or otherwise persecuted for their peaceful political activities or for the practice of their profession.

In 2012 the Committee monitored over 870 attacks:

• 14 writers and journalists killed clearly in relation to their professions
• 31 murdered where the circumstances are not clear
• 157 writers are serving long prison terms for their writings in countries including China, Vietnam, Turkey, Eritrea and Uzbekistan
• 133 are detained whose cases are under investigation by PEN
• Approximately 10% of the long-term prisoners were freed before the end of their sentences.
• 170 are on trial without being imprisoned
• Other abuses include death threats, imprisonment for short periods and harassment.

PEN International publishes the Caselist biannually to highlight the cases of imprisoned and persecuted writers worldwide and draw international attention and support to work on their behalf.

Organisations and members of the public can use the information in PEN International’s Caselist to discover more about the background to PEN International’s actions and campaigns on behalf of individual writers, and to initiate or supplement their own campaigns.

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