Thursday, February 7, 2013

Ghostly Apparitions

Terrified Innocents…. Departing indigenous lands,
Afraid to end with a sad Ulla-gone.
Merchandised as cargo, once money exchanges hands
All hope is gone… as they are herded onto ships in
The empty docks. United through a desire, a longing,
Everyone’s dreaming of peace, education, family and love.
On board, each person is clinging anxiously to icy
Hands, elderly faces ogle, children ululate.
Silently one by one they are pushed overboard
Swimmers or not, everyone thrashing as water invades
Their every bone. Until silence is the only sound in darkness.
Once proud inhabitants, bound in dreams, of hopes, of life
Away from impoverishment. To end life as ghostly apparitions.

— David Williams

David Williams is a retired driving instructor and a part-time poet living in the North West of England. Active in his local poetry group, David's poetry also appears on various sites including Poetry Soup.

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