Thursday, February 21, 2013

Death of a Sportsman

Give us something to believe in
We'll give you millions and praises
Your face will be splattered on covers
Fame will follow you everywhere you go

Run for us with non-flesh legs
Win seven tours, beat cancer!
Play that football game with a broken heart
We want a hero, you must be our hero

Tell us of your passion and hard work
Inspire us to dream large, of fame and fortune like yours
Make us clap and gasp, in awe of your greatness
That a mere mortal could be so conquerous

If we hear you shot a dear one
We'll be speechless
How can it be,
You a great runner, a blade runner

If we hear rumors of your doping
We'll stay incredulous
Until you speak, with your own mouth
Tell us you were ruthless, weak, angry

If we hear your heart was not much broken
Girlfriend never lived, accident never happened
We will wonder how come
It all seemed too believable

We wanted you to make us believe
To show us that sportsmen live forever
That your victories, opium for our empty hours
Paved your path for immortality

Now we've seen again the death of a sportsman
A reminder it takes much more to be a hero
We gave you the world, kept our end of the deal
Now we must crown another, seek a new hero

— Limbi Pax

Limbi Pax is a self-described; writer, poet and humorist. The researcher from New York City is the author of two novels whose publication are pending. The Bar None Group gratefully acknowledges Ms. Pax for her permission in allowing us to share Death of a Sportsman with our readers. To read more of Limbi's poetry please visit her at Poems From an Open Heart where Death of a Sportsman first appeared.


  1. our heros are born and die each week as fame takes another to its toll...we are following the roman way....all the way to the end...

  2. vivid and beautifully raw , Chris