Friday, December 7, 2012

To: Allen Ginsberg

To: Allen Ginsberg,
Fourth Door on the Side
(the one that reeks
of burning typewriters and glowing words)
June 3, (1998...2012)

Allen, why is it you?
that undoubtedly replies to resurrected questions
- unfaltering
wielding calibrated rifles in sandy mountains-
with spooning poetic papers turned
horizontally on to their bottom
like the lover you lacked for far too long
--traced outlines from stapling pencils
can be molded to hold each other! transcending together
ascending mountains
i wonder how you would’ve liked such heights,
    these himalayas, Allen! would it be prose origami or

snow fields that you’d find more beautiful. i wonder too,
did the Supermarket satisfy you?
for it does not so to me. was it there that you met
Hunter S. underneath the apples, avocados, and ice cream?
imagining you two bastards--
windy thought-grown field,
spraying oceans of Wild Turkey,
searching for truth in all of aisle 8:
conversation, weed, and eastern thought
the hanging sign would proudly read.

“I TOO have a sunflower!”
Howls the rooted rose a few turns down the cave.
why can I not see the Sunflower,
that you two saw?
why can you not speak to me,
like you did to Jack?
cross the nether that persecuted you, Allen! and show me, please,
that i am not just a Locomotive.
Thank you friend--
if this is done-- dreamy days under light blue suns
won’t hastily be forgotten.

Vasily Andreev

(Vasily Andreev is a writer in his spare time, when he's not trying to critically improve himself. His writing is heavily influenced by Beat Generation Writers, Hunter S. Thompson, and others. He is a freshman at DePaul University. The Bar None Group thanks Vasily for his patience in sharing this wonderful poem with our readers.)

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