Tuesday, December 11, 2012

The Red Box

Sequined designs on a red box.
The plastic jewels loosening.
In the tropical heat and humidity of summer
I remember this...

Black mold is growing again
On the edges of fading photographs
    This one:
We gaze adoringly into each other's eyes.
On a bench overlooking the sea.
    Or these:
The children beaming in mirth
On Christmas, holding long forgotten toys.
Moments of joy and wonder
Moments of love worth dying for.

Look how we suffer to possess
What, clearly, we could never own
Then demanding of each other
further and more gratuitous
displays of affection.

Should we regret the occurrence of each loss?
Frame them in guilt. Put them behind glass.
That they might remain forever?

Love truly exists.
An irrepressible and uncontainable force.
As everlasting as light and darkness,
And yet, only a heightened emotion.
A momentary reaction to beauty
    already fading
Hold your breath and see it vanish
Breathe and it reappears
Hold hands while you still can
Cherish each kiss
    And take another breath.

The pools of water after a storm
Reflect the images of all there is to see
And already, the spores of algae are releasing
And the larvae of mosquitoes squirm
Clouding and blinding our eyes
    To the next delight.

And yet it was so beautiful
And yet it still is.
Impossible to hold in a box
    Take another breath.

— Russell Rosander

(From Kinsberg, CA Russell Rosander is an artist and poet living in the Costalegre of Mexico. His works were featured in "The Art Show" at the Louisiana Museum of Art in Humlebaek, Denmark and elsewhere. Russell's art graces the cover of Take Two: Another Bar None Anthology as well as being a co-founder of the Bar None Group and a contributor of poetry and art to both Bar None Group anthologies.)

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