Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Sonnet to Bohemian Masala

4 wooden posts, an 8 legged friend
Cow dung floor to keep us on Earth
Sweet insect music, an antique hearth
2 lovers crash, no dispute to amend

2 heavy bags, 1 hand to lend
4 sandy shoes, a nervous laugh
Aching muscles, sandy skin from the surf
Sun-kissed bodies, burns to attend

A knowing look, then into the den
Solitaire and a lamp-lit book
Time to unwind 2 tired minds

1 asleep, before the count of ten
1 awake, stares with loving look
Admiring the room, what a find.

Steven Barry

(Hailing from Luton, United Kingdom Steven Barry posts his social commentary poems at An Injection of Psychedelic Poetry where Sonnet to Bohemian Masala originally appeared. Steven's first play, Talk to Frank debuted at The Camden Fringe July 30, 2012. Talk to Frank is, "a heart-warming tale of smack-heads, pimps and psychotic medics.")

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