Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Christmas in July or Words from Some Guy

A token of appreciation...of amity
A wish list received in Chicago
Then a scavenger hunt in San Antonio
One Northern Santa on the precipice of sanity

Four simple items...nothing more       
When black licorice could not be procured
This plan of ease was now skewered
Six plazas later...roadblocks galore

The humble crossword in magazine form
The challenge was not in the solving
It lay in the trouble of finding
43 across -- This can't be the norm

Shampoo for the Shepherd
There were others than me
Who were unaware of Tee Tree
A special request no stockboy had heard

Magic elixirs unfamiliar 'round here
For the keeper of the bar down by the sea
Angostura bitters, Emergen-C
My list incomplete, I shook with a fear

One last desperate search on the net
I'll google it here, I'll query it there
Mission accomplished, that was a scare
A victorious champ now dripping with sweat           

For Jay's restless mind could now be at ease
For Moto's euphoric concoctions on rocks
For the Shepherd's long flowing blonde locks
All the above stored in my valise

Awaiting a connection with one leg to go
Five hours to kill in Mexico City
Stifling boredom and relentless humidity
Before touching ground in Manzanillo

Familiar faces once again to be seen
A pat on the back
An ice cold six pack
It's been a long year since last I have been

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  1. whew...felt like we just went on a world tour mixed with humanity and a trip to the grocery...wicked rhythm to this...