Thursday, June 28, 2012

Hating ≥ Opinion

So it seems we have somehow helped our society breed its own evolved version of an opinion, into what we have now termed “Hating.” Hating in every aspect besides what the dictionary definition describes as such. Was this meant to happen or has this new-age form of ignorance, that we see as the norm, been created in order to ensure that none of us are able to, together while assisting each other, achieve the goal of moving forward instead of against one another?

Forcing us to keep silent or be labelled as Haters just because our Opinions differ from that of our intellectually-creative brethren. Quaintly masking our true convictions with giggles and the occasional nod in agreement, to seem devoid of any form of ill-harboured discontent to the “dopeness” that others have created in a creative instance of inspiration.

So is this the only reason that the “cream of the crop” are always seen together, yet rarely seen uttering more than what could be termed a Haiku of interaction with one another, or is it a forced realisation that in order to remain a relevant contributor to the inceptive nation that crosses geographical locations while twisting, turning and dipping in and out of every racial inclination?

But then what is the real origin of the word Hater and does it really play an additive role to the necessary contribution for all to progress, beyond the notions of self-worth we hold so high and clutch so dearly when ridiculed by others within this newly formed “hip” proclamation of relevance? Are we all just lying to ourselves while lying to each other in this so called “conscious” state of vocal realisations?

And in all honesty do we want to know the reality of our crafts and their reception to all those we, willingly or unintentionally, force to take part in our ego’s retentive-progressive evolution? I guess we’ll all have to answer that question to ourselves, before I’m branded a hater of this elusive reiteration of misbehaviour…

In short this is the acknowledgment of the Hatred that is greater than, while being equal to our prior noted Opinions.

— Nikolai Tjongarero

Born and raised in Windhoek, Namibia, Nikolai Tjongarero has been selected as one of the contributors to The Ground's Ear Contemporary Verse from Southern Africa poetry anthology. You can tumble Nikolai's poems, social commentary and ruminations online where a version of Hating ≥ Opinion first appeared.

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