Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Reading Flash Mob Set for Tomorrow

Organized by the inspirational Pay It Forward Foundation, this event on March 28, 2012 is set to be the World's Largest Coordinated Book Reading Flash Mob ever. Wednesday's international event has been organized to remind people to take time out of their busy days to help others without expecting anything in return and what best to do this with than a good book.

Flash mobbers are asked to bring a book that inspired them to swap/pay forward to someone else. At 4pm three people will signal the start of the flash mob, at this signal, everyone will sit down and take some time to reflect on a book that inspired them. After another signal everyone will disperse and either swap their book with someone else who has attended the flash mob, or pass it on to a complete stranger.

The Pay It Forward global movement was launched from the bestselling novel Pay It Forward by Catherine Ryan Hyde to promote random acts of kindness. Whilst inspiring the Foundation of the same name, Catherine's novel was also made into a Warner Bros. film starring Kevin Spacey and
Helen Hunt in 2000.

This is a chance to see how a random act of kindness has the potential to change someone's life and how you can be a part of a global movement of change.

The UK events will be headed up by a large Flash Mob in Trafalgar Square. To see the other flash mob locations in the UK and around the world visit the facebook page.


  1. Well, that sounds cooler than heck!!

    A book flash mob.

  2. Great idea. Also enjoyed the post on found poetry.