Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Family Bonds

People ask me why I am always able to find, and for whatever duration of time,
expose into light the existence of an essence of true inner light.

In truth the answer is quite obvious:

“I was blessed enough to be raised in the company of true Female Royalty, and the constant exposure I encountered with the combined and forever growing exchange with those who could only ever be classified as True African Queens led to my ability to distinguish between what some have, could and will still become even if unimaginable to their own understanding of any foreseeable outcome.”

This gift was given to me by these beings of pure radiance and through its employment I will forever pay homage to their teachings in the lessons of excellence. But the one who has helped me understand it most is the one that did so by merely being herself, illustrating her strength through her humility and fostering an understanding of how to wield her hidden, but not misplaced, Angelic Nature.

She is the only one that I will forever call my sister, and as I previously indicated

“This bond has and will continue to last from the past to the present and onwards into forever, because this is the love between a brother and sister”.

 - Nikolai Tjongarero

(Born and raised in Windhoek, Namibia, Nikolai Tjongarero has been selected as one of the contributors to The Ground's Ear Contemporary Verse from Southern Africa poetry anthology. You can tumble Nikolai's poems and ruminations online where Family Bonds first appeared.)

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